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What is a Dugout? 

A dugout is typically a simple, small wooden, acrylic or metal box with a sliding or rotating lid that typically contains two chambers. The larger chamber is for storing a dried leaf or herb such as tobacco or marijuana and the smaller chamber holds a cigarette sized pipe (often called a bat or one hitter).  You fill the pipe by pushing it into the the storage chamber then it is ready to light and smoke.


A dugout with a one hitter is possibly the most discrete, and least wasteful way to consume cannabis.  A dugout is an essential and efficient tool for all types of cannabis smokers.  Dugouts offer a compact and convenient way to take your stash and tools with you wherever you go.  Dugouts are desirable because while always being ready to travel, they allow the smoker to fill a one-hitter pipe and discreetly take a hit or two. The one-hitter and dugout system is also a great way to regulate dosing/intake and conserve your cannabis.  

Depending on the region, the dugout (hitter box, taster, taster box) and one hitter (oneie, bat, hitter, chillum) have many different names but no matter what you call yours the fact is, since 1978  only slightly different versions of the original dugout have come along.


Until now…

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